I have built a small portable solar hybrid vehicle
Thekpv gained momentum in the summer of two thousand-eight by a fellow named Terry Hope. He worked as an engineer aboard the Copper Sky. An 88ft steel haul staysail schooner. The captain would not allow him to bring a full size stand on electric scooter.. If he wanted to bring any electric vehicle aboard the vessel his vehicle had only one option.. fit inside a suitcase. Following about a thousand hours of electric vehicle research & development his personal electric scooter / bike concept materialized with four goals:
Engineer an electrical circuit with a mechanical system to capture, store and harvest electricity.
Incorporate photovoltaics for a prototype electro-solar bike / scooter hybrid.
Eliminate the greenhouse gas emissions or the carbon footprint by recharging the electric vehicle battery pack off-the-grid.
Construct a electric vehicle with a foot print small enough to be stowed away inside a Samsonite suitcase for easy transport.
Thanks for your time and GooD DaY!